Houdini Hound 13

Dog damage

We left for work and school one day and left our Mastiff/Pit puppy teenager in a kennel in my daughter’s immaculate Princess room (the dog is being housetrained).

When we came home, the dog had chewed a hole in the side of the plastic kennel, escaped and gone on a rip through my daughter’s room. The foam pieces in the foreground are carpet padding – but we found no holes in the carpet, so we don’t know how she did that! She not only knocked over the chair, but ripped the seat of it off, too, and had a grand time messing up the bed covers before her royal nap… in the princess bed.

The second photo is the monster in question, looking quizzically at me after I took her outside and asked her why she was so crazy.


Submitted by: Heidi J.

Nom Nom Sandals 2


After a period of financial hardship, I decided to indulge and buy myself a new pair of sandals. They were impractical and beautiful and I was so excited to have them. My siamese cat, Tiberius, apparently shared my enthusiasm. As soon as I left him alone with the sandals, he chewed up the decorative metal bar, rendering them nearly unwearable. Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying.


Submitted by: Anna