nuf said.

Submitted by: Jhesi

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  • Pbearfield

    Funny that this was posted on my birthday since my Westie did the same thing to me. The only difference being that she also ate one of the lenses.

  • KaroW.

    Glad it wasnt just me who experienced this!

  • Buphey

    I had a new pair of prescription sunglasses. Left them and 9 month old pup in the car for 15 minutes. The lenses were OK, but the frames were shredded. I was near the store and couldn't remember if I had purchased the replacement warranty. I walked in with all the pieces I could find cupped in my hands and asked if this was covered. The sales guy looks down, his eyes were huge and without missing a beat says, “Manufacturer defect?” God bless him. Left the store with a new pair 5 minutes later.

  • Jhesiphillips

    The same dog that ate these glasses; ate three pair of underwear in one day, the next he pooped a sock.