Cat Loves To Pee

This little hellion has a penchant for peeing everywhere except the litterbox. She’s peed on the recliner, multiple pairs of shoes, the couch, a few coats, a few blankets, the bathroom rug, and the hallway rug. I have to close my bedroom door when I leave the apartment, or she’ll pee on my bed (a lesson learned only after six or seven times), and she’ll pee on it when I’m there if I don’t pay attention.

Submitted by: Nimbleandlight

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  • Lisaosnow

    maybe she has a uti or something? or doesn't like the litter? or has anxiety? cats shouldn't just enjoy peeing where they lay around.

  • Lschnecke

    LOL My cat did the same thing until I had her fixed and now she is a sweetheart. You should have seen (or smelled really) what she did to my (luckily) spare guest bed when I was injured and had to stay at my parent's house for six weeks. She was fed and watered everyday but was miserable being alone.

  • Wolfsdawn

    Please have her checked for kidney/bladder problems, maybe even feline diabetes. NOT peeing in the litter box might be her way of trying to tell you that something's wrong??

  • ladybug2214

    my cat pees on my stuff when he's mad at me

  • TJ

    Try changing the litter. My cat wouldn't use scented litter. Got the unscented litter and she's not a problem anymore. Too bad I didn't figure that out before the carpet in the living room got ruined…

  • Alex

    castrate her i would say 😛

  • Asdf

    As Wolfsdawn said make sure it's not a medical problem first…or try changing the litter as some others have said. Other than that, that sucks. What a horrible cat. No offence.

    I will NOT tolerate my animals pissing on my stuff. At all. <_< If that were my cat I'd just get rid of it. That's horrid.

    • Sindi Dolan

      Asdf you should never have pets! your attitude is appalling. If a cat is peeing anywhere other than her tray there is ALWAYS a good reason for it. Generally speaking the fault of the owner. Thats not saying the owner has done something purposefully harmful, they may simply have forgotten to say hello that morning. KNOW your own cat. Thats all it takes.

  • Sindi Dolan

    There is a product for nervous cats called “Feliway”. It can be purchased in the form of a spray bottle or a plug in and I have found it significantly reduces these episodes of excess peeing if it is not a medical condition. It can be purchased from good pet stores, or on Amazon. I use the plug in constantly in my living room as there is a Tom in there, and there are other cats on the other side of the door. Even neutered he still sprays the dividing door, but this is reduced from 4 or 5 sprays per day to 4 or 5 per fortnight with the use of this product.

  • Sixxlet Franklin

    Sounds to me like the cat should no longer be allowed inside. If it were me, I’d get rid of her. I would check her first for UTI or some other infection, but if it is just attitude, I would get rid of her. It isn’t worth it to me to let the cat destroy everything with her pee. And I LOVE cats – have three myself. But if this is simple rotten behavior, I wouldn’t tolerate it. Maybe the cat WANTS out?