Golden Retriever vs.White Carpet


When I first saw it, I stood staring at it for about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to start cleaning this up.

Awful, I can still remember the smell.

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  • Amber

    hahaha that happened to us but with our shepherd. she filled three rooms though lol

  • Amber

    oh not just diarrhea either, puke as well. lol.

  • Marisa

    my dog has done that twice. the 2nd time was on a brand new white rug

  • Toadterds

    poor doggy :-(

  • Okidoll

    When my cats do it, I call it The Drag.

  • Magi

    Almost looks to be in the shape of a cast iron pot.

  • Thr

    Just wait until you get to the point where you walk in the door and think “thank goodness he only shit in 2 places!”

  • Kate

    My golden did the same thing. The “bissell spot bot” or whatever it's called does WONDERS, lol. I never thought it was going to come up!

  • Marilyn

    It took me a while to figure out WHAT it was let alone how to clean it. At first I thought it was a body outline … I'm sure the smell is what tipped you off. Ugh!

  • LauraK412

    Aw man….and the easily-cleanable hardwood was right there! Don't you have when they choose rugs over a hard floor?!

  • Brooke94

    Haha! I remember petsitting a German Shephard Husky mix once. The last night I come to check on him, I find something similar to this. It was a brown carpet, but the 'mess' was lighter and stains where still visible. Even better? They didn't even own the house, they rented. Sure hope they where able to get the stains out before the land lord visited! -_-

  • Herohearts

    the bottom half kinda looks like the US, lol