This Pretty Much Sums It Up

These two caused THOUSANDS of dollars in damages in their day. Destroyed couches, clothes, records, bay windows (do dogs normally eat glass?). We tried to contain the destruction to one room by putting a baby gate up in a doorway. They ate through the door frame to get out. All in all, I think this picture pretty much sums it up. It’s the only photo they ever destroyed. It’s almost as if they were taunting us. And FYI – this couch was demolished just days after this picture was taken.

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  • charlotte

    a friend of mine has a dog that likes to jump through plate glass windows ALL THE TIME – even the metal reinforced ones

  • BWrecky

    Aw, my puppies made it! This was taken a long time ago. Maggie passed a few years ago and Simon passed just last week. They were worth every penny of ruined shit. If there is a doggy heaven, they probably just peed on God's carpet.

  • Gabby

    Maddy is eating our walls – the stairs are already gone. I figure by the time she hits 12 months, we'll have no house and be staying at the shelter.