Expert Painter


My boyfriend and I have spent countless hours working on our first house together. The latest project was painting our walls.

Cinder, our 2 year old Weimaraner decided that 1) she disagreed with the bath that she’d received earlier that morning and 2) she really wanted to lend us a helping hand…or…body in painting the living room.

It was quite a task to scrub and scrape latex paint out of her coat, but on the bright side…she was yellow. There shall forever be Cinder hair embedded into the living room paint. Does that add to the resale value of the house?


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  • TytheWeimaraner

    Poor Weimy! :-(

  • fruitcake

    My puggle Bodie did the same thing a few weeks ago…and it was also yellow paint. He first sniffed too closely and got the paint on his head, then he laid on the ground next to the shed we were painting. Full body paint. He looked like a crooked skunk.