Weim vs. $200 Indestructible Bed

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This is a $200 ToughChew Indestructible Dog Bed by Orvis. They do offer a replacement if your dog “rips” it. This is our 3rd…they stopped sending replacements and gave us our money back!!

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  • http://twitter.com/kitkate33 Kate Childers


  • Amazingallie

    My old roommate had a weim that did the same thing. She chews up anything left out. Plastic plates, cups, a dozen roses. You name it. She's miserable in a 2 bedroom house with hardly any yard.

  • Susiecoupon

    Dog is miserable in that tiny kennel, who can blame him?

    • Ikirol

      Imagine what he would do to the house that is not billed as “indestructible”. My dog is a teething terror. No bed for him in the kennel!

    • K_reed1

      Their Kennel should only be big enough for them to comfortably turn around, and lay down. Its the correct size.

  • Jasper

    Actually, that kennel is proper size for that size dog.

  • Veronicaty

    My weim did EXACTLY this in an even larger kennel, and he runs off leash in the woods and a huge park daily. Go figure. The boy is just BORED. They're too smart for their own good.

  • Sarah

    Our Lab mix also destroyed the Tough Chew Nest, but we only got one replacement before our money was refunded.

  • Shannon

    Maybe they should hire this dog to make a better product.

  • http://twitter.com/ImNachoSponsor Darkness MrGSXR216

    Charlie (on the left) destroyed my couch pillows each time I got home from work late

  • Amyjo248

    I love it! I looked at this bed and almost bought it. It was expensive but I figured with as many as I would go through it would be a bargain. Then I read the fine print. LOL

  • Amyjo248

    And you could have a bigger crate…
    You just would have a bigger mess to clean up! The crate looks appropriate for a doggie den.

  • Monkeyshines

    Made my day! Thanks for posting!

  • Katytiger1999

    My husband thought he was being sweet by putting all of his old pillows in the outside dog pen for my dog Maverick… I explained that as soon as we left, the very angry because-he-was-put-in-a-pen dog would take out all anger and frustration on the pillows as soon as we left him in there. Needless to say, when we drove up to the house about four hours later, all you can see is Maverick sitting in his dog pen… amidst a cloud of stuffing. It looked like it had snowed only in there while the rest of the grass was free. I laughed so hard! Hubby couldn't understand it but I knew!