Does not want you to wipe.


Refuses to let a role of toilet paper last longer than a day in this apartment….he is also a pro wrestler…

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  • Kelley

    Maybe they expect us to clean our dirty dimes like they do – with their tongues? I do have a cat that will sometimes use the tp to cover up their poo.

  • bitchy the dwarf

    this is precisely why I try to keep the bathroom door closed. But, sometimes I do froget and come home to a pile of fluff over by a certain cat's food bowl area. Maybe one day, he'll figure out how to incriminate the OTHER cat

  • Mogan

    Look at the look of devilment in his eye in the wrestling picture. Love it!

  • mikedenney

    In another life, the cat's a wrestler, right?
    We had a ve-e-e-ery similar 'situation' with some of ours–eventually, I learned that an empty CD-R spool made a good counter-top holder, holding the TP in a vert position made it less 'palatable' for our cats.

  • mrsharrisonford

    They have toilet paper holders that hook on to the side of the tank underneath the lid. It works really well. I believe we got them at Home Depot or Lowes.