Time for “The Talk”

This is my friend Andrea’s adorable dog, Dexter. Looks like it’s time to give him the “birds and the bees” talk. Notice the foil on his crotch.

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  • bo@FUS!

    I've discovered that it is very hard to teach a dog how to tear the package while preserving the protective nature of a condom. I also don't like having to put it on for him. Kind of gross….

  • Disquiet

    One of the most embarrassing dog-walk moments of my life occurred when the dog pooped out…you guessed it…a condom. I have no idea what happened to the wrapper, but her digestive system was obviously well-protected for about 12 hours.

  • Hyacinth Dc

    i totally met this dog on the street in brooklyn last night!!!! in greenpoint, i was sitting on a bench and he hopped up on my knees for a pet!!