My Nerves


After these cables were fixed, Maia ate them AGAIN. I suppose she didn’t like my music because she totally ignored the pair of headphones I got after this… especially because they’re wireless.

Oh, and not to mention the fact she severed the cable of my € 400+ Intuos graphic tablet.

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  • Vpjazz2002

    as I was scrolling down the page I kept thinking “rabbit” laughed out lound when I hit the last photo! (real cute bun though)

  • bo@FUS!

    time to introduce bunny to the term “hossenfeffer”

  • Erin

    cute bun! I used to have 3 and they destroyed everything!

  • Kelley

    Oh, one of my cats did that during her “teen” years. It was horrible. She loved my ear phone cords the most. I guess it gave her just the right mix of chew and texture.

  • DubstepDinosaur

    And this is why bunnies are not meant to be uncaged pets.

  • Francesca Zambon

    They are. You wouldn't cage a rabbit any more than you would a cat. After these misadventures Maia and her husbun have a room all to themseves where they can chew to their heart's content.

  • Maryanne1530

    Too funny! Sorry, though!

  • Bunbun691

    As soon as I saw that first pic I knew it was the work of a rabbit. We have a pet rabbit too, and we live in worst possible house type. All knotty pine. Mmmm, delicious to her. Good thing she's so cute, just like yours.

  • rosieroo

    You would not believe how many wires my bunz has chewed through! AHHH! Our house is full of crazy wire contraptions to keep them out of his reach, it can be an expensive lesson- but they are sweet and cute!

  • Zachcorinne

    I am sorry to laugh at your frustrations, but I couldn't help myself when I saw the last picture! She looks so sweet and innocent like “Who, me??” LOL

  • Oohlawlaw

    Yep, I had a rabbit too and there wasn't an in-tact cord in my entire apartment. She's WAY adorable though!

  • MichaelS

    Something to try if you have a pet that likes to chew cords…
    Get thick (1 inch or more) split tubing and stuff all your cords into it.
    My kitten used to try and chew on my computer cables so I got some of the split tubing and she just ignores it now. Too big to chew.


  • Lindsay Penfield

    My cat has done the same thing. We left for a week, and came back to 90% of the cords for the computer chewed apart. She's killed 4 keyboards in 3 weeks

  • ferricoxide

    When I had a rabbit, all of my chords were wrapped in conduit to protect them (after discovering, the hard way, that this was necessary).

  • Steph

    Bunnies are notorious for chewing electrical wires. We had one that would chew every wire he could get his mouth on. That's when the vet told us that they get addicted to the jolt from chewing live wires so once they did it once no wires were safe. We had to cover every wire in the house.

  • sharpiepen

    get wire protectors to cover them wires up. I should know we have 3 bunnies, and one ate my lap top power cord (twice), and the other one ate my mom's phone power cord 20 seconds after she pulled it in. Believe me wire protectors will save you some heart ache.

  • Allykatzlive

    I have had a guinea that would do that he chewed a PC cord, Tv Cord, Clothes Iron cord, fringe on rugs, 3 remotes, and whole host of other things in about a 3 week period then we got smart put cord protectors on everything and got him a play pen so if he did “escape” from his cage he would go to that. Yes, We did train him to go there and ever snice then he has done excatly that go to the play pen.

  • Meredith

    here's my thought process when i was looking at this post:

    “oh my, that is a lot of ruined electronics…
    what kind of ravenous, dastardly, heinous, rotten, degenerate monster could possibly be the culprit?!


    so cute. they lull you into a state of false security… then they tear up your house like a drug-addled rockstar in a holiday inn!

    though, i do kind of want one… just look at that face! 😀

  • Marasdaughter

    a rabbit we had ate a mouse cord–guess Bunny (yes his name was Bunny) thought we were ignoring him