Does Anybody Have a Pen?

This is Alli-Gator-Hator (Alli) my English Bulldog, who ate many, many things (shoes, pillows, blankets, basketballs, footballs) and even claimed a very expensive chair for herself, kicking a hole in the fabric and removing stuffing to make a hole for her legs to comfortably stretch out. In this picture I came home to find she had destroyed a blue ink pen and left paw prints all over my hardwood floors, furniture, doors…but she was really too cute for me to be mad at!! (and she had recently found herself under attack from yellow jackets for exploring the buzzing noise, still bearing the welts).

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  • Zachcorinne

    I feel your pain. We had an English Bulldog and that was the most destructive dog we ever had. There was NOTHING she wouldn't chew through. Good thing they are so cute so we can't stay mad at them

  • Nahima

    Bullies are just naughty naughty things XD I breed and showed them for 10 years and left me tell you, it will never end

  • Bman912

    Adorable! My bully must be the exception then, only chewed stuffing out of a pillow. (unzipped it first) only 9 mos., looks a lot like Alli. Love the name by th way:)

  • Suzy

    Pen? What Pen?! Lol…cute dog!