And He Walked Away…..


It was the day after Christmas 2008. We were going to visit my fiance’s mother when a neighbor’s dog ran out in front of us. I heard a small crackle and thought we had dogged a bullet in damages. I saw the uninjured dog shake himself off and trot away. Fiance is inspecting all of the damage. Right front trim and fog light GONE.

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  • Zoltarpanaflex

    You hit a dog and you're pissed your vehicle had damages? That's pretty low!!

    • Angmikey09

      I wan't pissed because the vehicle was damaged. I was suprised at the amount of damage. It was an accident without the dog being injured. I have a dog myself and would have taken care of any injuries. If you are going to judge my submission atleast read it first. This site is one of my favorites. Why bring the negativity? Have a good day.

      • kenbo

        wan't = wasn't … even the title of my post points out the dog was ok.

        • MP

          Just because the dog walked away doesn't mean he was alright! Did you check on him he should have been taken to the vet even if he seemed fine!

  • MP

    You didn't stop to check on the dog and all you were worried about was damages to your car? You're an awful person!

  • Sherrie R.

    That was my immediate reaction…..hitting a dog and not stopping to really check on him. ¬†Left a really bad taste in my mouth.