Rabbit Stew Tonight…

My husband has had this rare 60-inch Dookie-era Green Day poster since 1994. It has survived a house fire, a flood, about a dozen moves, a termite infestation, and so far, a young child. It only took the bunny a few hours of being home alone to find and ruin it. The bad thing was that this poster had been on the wall for MONTHS before he decided to eat it!

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  • Terry_Jim

    I think you both have a great deal of foresight,

    since you purchased a pet that is edible.

    Rabbit stew, a perfect end to the story.

  • nerwen_aldarion

    The bunny is evil…you can see it in his red eyes!

    Watch out! He could have been the stunt double for the rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail!!

    • Toni_sXe

      His name is actually Merlin (King Arthur's trusty adviser)…but his nickname is “Evil Rabbit of Caerbannog,” as in “Where the h311 is that evil rabbit of Caerbannog?!?!? He chewed up the cord to my favorite headphones!!!”

      • nerwen_aldarion

        LOL that's great!!!! Run from the Evil Rabbit of Caerbannog! He'll chew your head off!!

  • Hflynn09

    :) This makes me want to cry… lol

    That poster was massive and … (being a big GD fan… ) Epic. too sad too sad

  • Guest

    I know how this person fells i left my xbox 360 headset on a little table for 2 months then my dog finds it and i find 3 pieces of it

  • Wur

    My bunny likes to redecorate too — but this tops anything he’s done.