2 Cats – 1 Guilty of Everything

How do I know that this was done by one cat? Because while our other cat came without claws, this one came with the added “bonus” of claws! She has ruined both corners of our box spring, the laminate on our cabinets, the paint on our bedroom door and a bike tire (not pictured). In one of the pictures you will see her loving little paw showing off how she manages to remove paint from the door while it is closed and she is on the other side! As you can see she has claw caps, but she is able to remove about 1 a day….hubby says it’s time to de-claw her!!!

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  • Caitlin

    Please please please don't declaw your cat!

  • Samjones

    De-clawing is extremely cruel and also illegal in my country (Finland). Real animal friend would never do such a cruel thing! How would you feel if someone would remove not only your toe nails but also part of your toes too? Cats were born with nails, for a reason. If you can't love your cat as the way she is, then give her away.

    • Swimmingrrl_01

      You'll notice it says my Hubby says it's time to de-claw her, it's our current fight at the moment and I have absolutely NO PLANS to de-claw her, so do not despair!

      • canaduck

        Phew, good to know! Do NOT let your husband declaw that cat!

  • http://www.free2wingames.com Mira

    Declawing = bad! Trimming your cat's nails takes very little time and will save you oodles of $$$ on furniture.

    I know cats don't always use the scratching posts we want them to use, but be sure you have at least 2 different types of scratching posts. Often, one cat may prefer vertical scratching while another may prefer horizontal. I have two cats who are siblings, and they each prefer their own thing!

  • Diane

    Please reconsider having your cat declawed. It is a very cruel and painful practice. If you cannot properly train and handle your cat as-is, you may want to consider finding a loving home for him/her where she will be safe, cared for, and left intact.
    Please try training your cat, trimming their claws regularly, purchasing scratching posts; I beg you to exhaust all efforts before turning to abuse.

  • annet

    i cringed when i read about your plans to declaw her. it's the worst thing you could do. she scratches things because she has to sue her claws on a regular basis, so they won't grow in and cause a lot of pain. get a scratching post and make it interesting to her by playing around it (like, waving a toy at her at the top of the post so she has to put her paws on it to hit the toy) and teach her to use that. this will save her so much pain and it's way more animal friendly!

  • Stephen

    Declawing is the worst thing you can do to your cat. You may as well put it down at the vet instead.

  • Kristen

    Clip her claws. Don't amputate her toes. It's just lazy and cruel.

    • Swimmingrrl_01

      You'll notice it says my Hubby says it's time to de-claw her, it's our current fight at the moment and I have absolutely NO PLANS to de-claw her, so do not despair!

  • Kendra

    Surgically altering an animal that can't ask you not to, for convenience, is disgusting. Everyone knows what to look forward to when owning a cat, if you don't like it, don't get one!

  • http://twitter.com/KoShiatar Francesca Zambon

    De-clawing is not just removin the claws, but the complete first digit of the cat's fingers. Yes, the one they walk on. It's so cruel it's illegal in practically all European countries. Please don't do that to your pet.

  • http://twitter.com/FlonkertonChamp Victoria in ATX

    agreed with everyone… declawing is mutilation. don't do it!

  • http://twitter.com/holydust Mandy Clark

    Don't declaw your cat. Please. It's akin to having someone remove your fingers at the first knuckle. Don't.

  • Wereallmadhere9

    Why don't you try Sticky Paws? It's basically different shapes of very sticky tape that you put on areas where your cat tends to scratch. They hate the feeling of it and eventually stop clawing there.

  • Krz

    Give them some scratching posts!!!! Put the scratching posts as close as possible to the areas they've been scratching.

  • chester

    DON”T DECLAW! Natural for Cats to scratch up your sh!t. Get a post or somtheing but for the love of kitty don't get them declawed…unless you will have your finger nails removed too?!?!

  • http://twitter.com/ErinPatricia Erin Blash

    how about instead of declawing your cat you cut off your fingers at the first knuckle?
    Its the same thing.

  • Erin

    You might try showing all these comments to the hubby. I got the “never de-claw a cat” lecture from my mom when I was very young, and have grown to enjoy my cat having claws because I know when she kneads my back or stomach with her paws, without using claws, that it's because she likes me. Or tolerates me.

  • Neesel

    Stick to your guns and don't declaw! I'm a vet assistant who's seen many declaw surgeries (along with complications) and it's not pretty!