Herself (and my appetite)

Our normally crated dachshund puppy, Penelope, had to spend one week locked in the bathroom after being spayed.  While she destroyed the bathroom every day, cleaning the poop from between the layers of her cone was the worst. How did she even do that??

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  • Jess1377

    Omg…….. that reminds me of the nightare my cat woke me up with. he had a cone on cause he had surgery on one of his paws from an odd injury in and of itself…. but the litter he had to use was the newspaper kind and he had loose stools and since the cone was to big, well, lets just say my cat came to me with a poo covered cone and i thought at first the wetness i felt on my head and pillow was from him licking me. why would i think a cat was licking me but i wish he was that slobbery cause that dang cat brought his poo covered cone to wake me up so i could clean him up. that…………………. was a literal living nightmare.

  • Okidoll

    That is impressive!

  • http://twitter.com/bonkrood bonkrood

    When my dog was fixed they just had me duct tape a dishtowel around her neck so that she couldn't lick her wounds and she was totally able to go in her crate as per usual. Plus, you don't have to pay for the cone. Honest vets with creative solutions are awesome.