• Ilsemail_22

    Well…that's disgusting…but definitely an easier clean up than a fabric couch.

    • Mikerichie1

      thats a big pill

  • bear24

    Why do they always get the crack of the couch!!! That happened to us before too, cloth couch though :-(

  • http://twitter.com/kithseer Anne

    Taboo always likes to vomit on the carpet – in the middle of the doorway. Never ever on the ceramic tile floors.

  • Snarf

    That's nothing. Ever have a dog riding in the backseat, get carsick, and puke on your shoulder? LOL, but that still gross though.

    • BayAreaChick

      Oh my gosh, lol. That's TERRIBLE!

  • vibrantflame

    Ewww thank goodness it's leather. That's a lot of puke.

  • ShelleyTambo

    Easier cleanup, but stomach acid is hell on leather.