She Scales It Like Everest


We rescued this adorable tabby and her brother about 2 months ago.  Good freaking luck, she’s a climber.  We set the tree up last week and this is the third time today we’ve caught her or her brother in there…. I’m going to buy shatter proof ornaments.

Little Terrors!

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  • Okidoll

    Get the plastic ones at least on the bottom layers of the tree. They can't help it. When you think about it, a Christmas tree is everything they love – shiny and bright, filled with stuff and dangles. How could you resist that?

    We've ended up getting a smaller tree we put on our table/island that is flat on one side so it's less attractive to them.

    Though it is funny to hear that “ting, tink, tink…… crack” sound.

    Okay, so we also try to buy them gifts so they don't feel left out.

  • AM Shaffer

    This is why I didn't set up our Yule tree this year… And I have 6 kittens. My head would have ended up exploding after the 50 millionth time they climbed, or knocked over, the tree.

  • Kimberly

    Have almost the same picture of our new kitten except our tree is decorated.  I spent the majority of the holiday picking up Christmas ornaments