This Weiner Is a D*ck

My best friend moved in with us for a few months and she brought her 7 month old weiner dog with her. He’s adorable but destructive. With some help he was able to tear up my leather couch and then to top everything off he got his head stuck in our concrete fence! It took 5 people, a hammer and 2 1/2 hours to get him out.

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  • Gibsonsdad

    Shoulda bought a Jack Russell. They never tear anything up.

  • Charlotte's Mom

    That's a dachshund! I have one and the combined extended family is almost over a dozen now. They do get better as they get older. Best thing I've found so far is finding a naturally shed antler for them to chew on/play with. Making sure they have plenty of entertainment is critical and under a year I suggest getting a very large crate for them to occupy while you're away from home. Ours has a crate made for a great dane that worked like a charm until she learned “house manners”.

    Super cute puppy though. The corgi's expression is pretty funny.

  • Margie

    Oh ! Poor baby !