Skirt My Goat Ruined

Alice Goat can eat your skirt while you’re wearing it, and you’d never notice – until the fabric all wet with goat slobber hits the back of your legs. She’s kind of a ninja goat.

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  • Eve

    Ninja goat! Love it!! She is really adorable!

  • leanne

    I had a pet goat that was like a dog and he was pretty good the only thing I ever caught him eating was the cuff off of one of my friends shirts that was on the line to dry!

  • ck

    My mother and uncles had two goats when they were kids. My grandfather was a Navy man, who always brought the goat to Navy games. My mother said that the family was so fond of the goats, Star and Bucky, until my grandmother walked out of the house to get her nylons (REAL nylons) off of the clothesline and learned that the goats had eaten them right up to the clothespin, and left her with expensive nylon peds.