Wrecking Crew Takes A Break


Anyone who has a boxer can appreciate this. I’m a volunteer fireman and was out of the house on a call late at night. I noted this scene when I walked past the window to come back inside and quickly retrieved my camera from my truck. I could kill them for destroying the couch and knocking everything over on every table, but then they wouldn’t be boxers… Top left is Bella, Max at bottom left, and Macy at right. All three are rescues so they get more slack than they probably should…

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  • Marcia

    Shhhhhh…they need their beauty sleep!

  • shabadagaba

    What's sad is the OP has three, I only have one and she's plenty capable of doing such damage on her own =/

  • lola

    aaawwww their so cute! I can't see having 3 boxers….my dad has one and that thing is a handful everytime I go there.

  • Norma

    I can just see them having a ball,they are precious gifts to mankind.Glad you took it well.

  • http://twitter.com/eudailkneesaa Shannon  Mac

    pretty much!

  • Lily

    They’re naughty but beautiful! ;p We have a Boxer-Greyhound cross and she’s the exact same colour as yours – she doesn’t make much of a mess but she goes from explosion of excitement to sleeping beauty in five seconds flat! haha :p

  • Hetairai

    I’m sure you were furious, but that really is an adorable picture. Three pooped pups. Destroying the house all day is tiring work…