Of All Places, Why There?


Jazzy is a 3 year-old female long haired dachshund. Usually she hangs out in the bathroom to watch me when I’m on the throne, which is fine, I like the audience. This time while playing with my phone, I observed her jump into the bathtub and go behind the curtain. I thought nothing of it until she was struggling to get out, so I pulled back the curtain to discover that she had left a treat in the bathtub.

I have to commend her for sh*tting in the bathroom but in the tub? I guess it’s better than the carpet. I still had to pick it up though…

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  • Lenae

    That’s where I prefer my cat to sh*t if she chooses an alternative litter box. Pick up, flush, Clorox the tub and turn on the hot shower.