My Dog Ruins Everything

No matter what it is my dog will tear it up. I’ve lost 100 bucks in bras, lost lots of shoes, baskets, game controllers, and well, just about everything. The worst is the 6 new couch cushions that were ripped at the zippers, de-stuffed, and used as doggy beds. But, I just love him to pieces!

Submitted by: Krystal

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  • TexasBlueEyes

    So hilarious and cute at the same time. Though I would have probably lost it with this little guy. Wow!

  • Renae

    Awwww cute! My dog loves pillows aswell :)

  • Glsculpt

    We have four of them!!! (dogs that is). They do the same thing to our house. But I won’t be getting rid of any of them! :)

  • Harbie87

    Looks like you both could do with a certain minimum of training

  • Aaron

    thats gotta be one of the cutest pictures ive ever seen

  • Smilinwithcyn

    Our puppy has managed to eat three wallets (drivers license and credit cards,etc., included), two pair of sneakers, several towels, and the wall in two different places! But your right, we wouldn’t trade her for anything! She is still learning what is a toy and what is NOT a toy…

  • Moi

    I’m sure my dog would do this if I had any pillows with zippers.

  • Kimberly

    I’m sorry and I feel your pain, but that is one of the cutest damn things I’ve ever seen.

  • Bmsadler01

    Awww, your puppy was making a secret clubhouse.

  • Can Ya Heel Me?

    This is such a great site. That’s the cutest picture! :) I found this article on Pet360 about toys for dogs who ruin everything. I thought you might like it. Enjoy!