Happy Birthday!

Birthday Cake

I stupidly had left my son’s birthday cake to cool without setting up a barrier system. Our Siamese kitten thought he was in heaven. No one was the wiser after the cake was frosted.

Submitted by: Stella

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  • Anonymous

    Oh that’s disgusting that you served it anyway after the cat had been eating it! GROSS!

  • MyMiniMonk

    I had that happen several times.  I have to agree though… That’s gross that you served it after that.  

  • Nadra Safiya

    and that’s why I dont eat food from most people’s kitchens!!! *gag* 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580360653 Karahrahrah Weiser

    that is soooo fucking groossss

  • EWWWW!

    I hope all your guests got sick. that is fucking disgusting, I hope you are no one i know, or ever meet

  • Anonymous

    You people are overreacting.

  • Meatloafsdogtreats.com

    thats to funny LOL I don’t care what anyone says if you are looking at the posts on here you have pets and you can’t tell me that you don’t share your food with  them same thing.

    • Guest

      Even if we share food with our pets, it doesn’t mean we want to share food with other people’s pets.