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airbag photo

So last week my girlfriend and I went in the local supermarket for 10 min. When we returned to our car we found our eight month old australian shepherd lying on the floor of the driver’s seat looking innocent.

Anyway we noticed he had chewed some wires. I touched the wires and BANG the passenger side impact airbag blew out of the seat, bruising my girlfriends arm.

Well $2700 dollars later and we are fixed, thank god for insurance.



Submitted by: aussieman

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  • Concerned

    you most likely deserve this for leaving your dog in a car…

  • Anonymous

    And in the meantime you left your dog in a car, where even 10 minutes can make it so extremely hot or cold that it could have done major damage to his/her internal organs. Oh, not to mention those wires might have electrocuted your dog.

  • Sixxlet Franklin

    DON’T leave your pets in the car, people!


    First off I see what you all are saying about not leaving pets in cars and this mainly goes for those who leave them in cars with no kind of air but before you all assume that he didn’t leave the windows down or the air on. Maybe instead of lecturing him, just use your brain and ask if he left his window down or the air on. As far as the wires, your animal can chew on wires inside your house so I guess now that that’s established maybe now we should all leave our animals outside so they don’t run the risk of accidentally finding a wire inside and chewing on that. Jeeze people, think before assuming and lecturing others. I bet everyone here who has pets has left their animal in an area where there was some sort of danger. We can’t exactly keep everything 100% safe for our furry ones. You all need to take a step back and see what this site is really for and about and I know I read somewhere that if you want to lecture or act like this to leave the comments to yourself cause we are not here to judge we are hear to share our stories/pictures of the craziness that is animals. But of course it’s people like you all that is what makes this world so messed up today!!!

  • Amanda

    Scary, fortunate that your girlfriend only had her arm bruised.

    And I am getting tired of hearing all these comments about not leaving your dog in the car. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your dog staying in the car as long as there is a window open or the air is on for them. If you think someone leaving their pet in a vehicle for 10 minutes is bad, if the window is open, wake up. There are people out there who are actually abusing their animals, not leaving them in the car for a few minutes while they run an errand (and taking the dog with them because dogs actually like going for car rides instead of being left at home all the time).

  • Concerned…again

    hold on its people that don’t like when other people leave animals in car that make the world messed up? I look at it like this, your dog does not want to sit in your car while your in the store, leave him/her at home where they can run around and have fresh water and food, it’s not the fact of lecturing it’s disturbing I have seen dogs in cars at restraunts, which is disgusting KNOWING you’ll be inside eating for at least an hour, why don’t you take a step back and leave your animal at home, if you actually were concerned about your dog demolishing things you would take him for walks and wear the little man/girl out…