House Plants



Mr. Kitty decided that since he’s no longer allowed outside, he would do the next best thing. He found a house plant that he liked, and made it into a bed. Nevermind he’s too big for the pot! He’s killed the babytears, one branch of the dracena tree, and packed down the dirt by a good 3 inches… Silly Kitty! He’s also taken a liking to eating this and others’ leaves, so i grew him his own wheat grass after cleaning up nasty vomit from eating possibly toxic houseplant leaves…

Submitted by: Becky T

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like you cat is trying to be a plant.
    Someone visits and says “What kind of plant is this? It’s gray and furry.” [meow] “Yikes! That plant can talk! It just said “Meow”!”

  • Sixxlet Franklin

    He’s still going to barf up the wheatgrass. Any plant they eat, they usually barf it up. It is the nature of the cat.

  • Missy Vail

    I have a grey tiger striped tabby that does this crap.  I kill green things anyway but thought I would get a bamboo plant… really hard to kill a bamboo plant.. right?  Well with Mr. Leo around… not so hard after all.  I can keep a 2 week old abandoned kitten alive.. but a houseplant?  I kill them… even without his help.  lol  Leo likes to eat plants.. has even tried to eat a fake one or two.