The Dog Did What?!?!?!



My sister’s husbands car was in the shop. His mother-in-law let him borrow her van until his car was fixed. On a day of running errands with the dog. . . . This is what his dog did while he was in the store. I don’t have a picture of the destruction that the dog did but, here’s a picture close to what mom-in-law’s van looked like. I strongly believe that he OWES her a new van!

Submitted by: JD

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  • Sixxlet Franklin

    It strongly bothers me when people take dogs on shopping trips and the leave them in the car while they shop. Karma baby.

  • Molly Lappegaard

    the crazy thing to me is this picture – it doesn’t look like a regular van and actually looks like a squad car of some type (the center console and computer dock)

  • Mary

    Maybe I’m not following this right, but: Sister’s husband (writer’s brother in law)borrows his mother in law’s car. Wouldn’t his mother in law be the writer’s mother? I’m lost, and it does look like a squad car.

  • Missy Vail

    She said it wasn’t the actual van… since she didn’t have a pic of that, but found one one on the internet I imagine that looked similar to the damage their dog did.  

  • Izzy

    Another great reason… other than potentially dying of the heat… that you Should NOT leave your dog in the car….