Must You Hump Me Too?



My pet ruined my dignity. Because watching me clean up the piss he sprayed all over the moulding is not enough, he must also sniff my ass and hump me while I am doing it.

Submitted by: Carmen Pucillo

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  • Anodracs

    Classic case of “adding insult to injury”!

  • Ijustgamewiththisname78

    I’m just disturbed that your dog is standing in a sink with presumably clean sippy cups for your child.

    • Rpucillo1

       that’s the dirty side of the sink, silly!

  • Joannah Ginsburg Ganz

    Oh my gosh, your post is so freaking funny! I swear I rarely post things but this website is hysterical.

  • Izzy

    If he’s not neutered, and you’re not breeding, consider the snip. the peeing is marking, which is A LOT more common in intact animals and normally subsides after the snip. Also, the humping should decrease too and it helps reduce his lil chances of cancer and other health issues.

    • Rpucillo1

      Hi Izzy and thanks for the advice.  He is neutered that’s not the problem.  His problem is that besides being a horny spastic yapper, he is also an asshole!

  • Tannersmommy77

    LOL!!!! I’ve never posted a comment on this site before, but your picture & hilarious comment made me laugh so hard! Thanks for the laugh! :-)