Pocket Pet



My/my brother’s flying squirrel, Squirrel-Faced Assassin (or just Squirrel Face), refused to go in her cage and instead decided to chew through the lining of my hoodie pocket, fill it with nuts, and sleep in it.
She also enjoyed nibbling on the tops of all of my books, peeing on the wall, and gliding from ceiling height down onto my face while I was sleeping at night.
Definitely one of the coolest little animals I’ve ever had the honor of serving.



Submitted by: Rehality

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  • Anonymous

    Awwwww so cute!!!

  • MissPlace

    That’s a Sugar Glider, not a flying squirrel. Just sayin’

  • AsdAD

    This saddens me. This is a Sugar Glidder NOT A FRIGGEN PET.

    • Donna

      A sugar glider will live ten years longer then when kept in captivity so shut your hole.

  • Sayadinna

    Nope this isn’t a sugar glider, the gliding membrane is very similar looking but this is a flying squirrel. Also flying squirrels eat nuts, sugar gliders do not :)

    • Donnalee

      actually sugar gliders do eat nuts.

  • Sayadinna

    It’s kind of sad how people always flame sugar glider/flying squirrel related posts on the internet and thereby ruin them when they don’t even know what they’re talking about. I bet the same people feed their dogs IAMs and leave them in their apartments all day.

  • AmR

    This is not a sugar glider. Look at the shape of the face. It is a flying squirrel. I’ve had sugar gliders in the past, so I won’t even go into the ignorance of the “sugar glidder NOT A FRIGGEN PET” comment.