She Murdered Her Bed

Axel bed 001

Axel bed 001

This is what I saw after getting out of the shower.

Axel bed 005

Axel bed 006

Submitted by: Jett

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  • Dy-Anne!

     at least it wasn’t YOUR bed

  • Missy Vail

    Oh my…. hysterical laughter here.  lol…. I agree.. least it wasn’t your bed.  OH MY!  What a mess!  hahaha

  • Lotus

    haha– that’s too funny. the bigger dog seems to be asking “wtf?” lol

  • Jenna

    The bad dog is all “amirite?!” and the other dog is condescendingly all “…wtf.”

  • Izzy

    I LOVE how your other dog is looking at her like “…What… did you DO?! Oh I am NOT getting blamed for this shit…. “

  • Mari S

    The rottie on the left looks so much like ours when our cat does something bad…that same “Wtf?” look. Hilarious!


    This brings back memories. We got a recuse brought him home and he fell in love with our dog Meil’s bed so we decided to buy another bed well I guess he didn’t want both of them to have a bed because we went out for dinner and came home to a similar mess. it was so bad we had to get the garden racks out of the shed to clean it up.

  • Samm8

    Do you know what this precious creature’s genetics might be? We have one the spitting image and she is a tad naughty too.