Please Remind Me That I Love My dog!

Screen shot 2011-04-26 at 10.33.21 AM

My husband and our 1 year old English Bulldog, Bubby took a nap together one day and Bubby woke up first and was evidently a little bored!

Submitted by: Kerry

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  • Darbumpski

    Beware! Once he has tasted the sweet tang of electronics, felt the satisfying crunch of brittle plastic – no hand-help electronics are safe. My one dog in nine years has done in: a cell phone, a Nintendo GameBoy, a cordless phone handset or two, countless pens and markers, and every remote in the house, including at least 10 remotes for the DirecTV receiver. Fortunately, she does not ingest, merely destroys.

  • Kathy Bruns

    He obviously wanted to watch some TV and couldn’t get it to the channel he wanted! lol

  • Nahima

    Oh the joys of having an English Bulldog…memories!

  • Lindsey Morgan

    poor thing just wanted to watch tv and got mad because he couldn’t get the buttons..

  • Affordcomm

    Don’t feel bad, my english bulldog took out my $600 Garmin gps when she was a puppy. she chewed through my pants and destroyed it. ¬†at least your problem didnt cost as much.