Puppy of Mass Destruction

Destruction 052610k web

Destruction 052610k web

My rescued boxer Mario is also widely known as the Puppy of Mass Destruction. No toy, shoe, package, loaf of bread, bag, bit of laundry or plant within his range is safe. What’s an owner to do other than laugh, snap some photos and share? This is one of his better efforts. He was eight months old at the time. This was a large pot full of pretty succulents before he tore it to pieces and spread the dirt all over my kitchen floor. Note how proudly he claims his mess.

Destruction 052610d web

Destruction 052610j web

Submitted by: Gayle

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1778273699 Jody Stickney

    Did you happen to leave him alone for 2 minutes?

  • LindaLK

    Although it’s funnier to look at than to clean up, that was a wonderful thing you have done by adopting your boy. I too am a rescuer and foster mom. Between kids and animals, what else is there to do but laugh? Crying certainly doesn’t help. When you cry, they just look at you like you were the one that did something wrong. LOL! Great share. Hugs & Love, Linda :)

  • Kris

    I just noticed the “kong” in the middle of the floor, was this because he became bored with the flowers or was the destruction because he became bored with the toy? Either way i was having a seriously bad day and was even in tears and then i saw this and i was laughing…thank you..

  • Highmaintenance520

    I always tell people that my children are better behaved than my dogs…cuz they are!

  • Karen

    With a face like that who could be mad?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000281602079 Jayne Dean

    How can you not love that face..

  • Atheades

    got to love Boxers we have / had 7 Boxers . mom dad (rescued) and 5 puppies . the saying at our house has always entertain them or they will entertain themselves at your expense ! but you just cant be mad that long at them !

  • Smaher2320

    ROFL!! he didnt like that flower … when my dog was a few months old she would steal the newspapers and SHRED them all over the house while everyone was sleeping wake up in the morning stumble sleepy eyed out of the bedroom to this HUGE disaster .. i wish i had taken pictures now she goes crazy inow if she sees an empty box in your hands .. vaccuum box- computer box it doesnt matter how big or how small she wants it shredded

  • Bjdrake

    Why is it that I see a lot of Boxers on this site? I have a Boxer mix and should have been taking photos for the last 6 yrs.

  • Maggie

    Thank goodness you don’t have carpet.

    I wonder how he managed to spread it so far and wide. I am picturing him realizing it made the floor slippery. He skated and slid around like floor, like a giant slip-and-slide, with his legs akimbo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joannah-Ginsburg-Ganz/773954726 Joannah Ginsburg Ganz

    Oh my gosh, the look on his face in the first one is priceless

  • Rshearer

    This must be a boxer thing. I have a boxer who has ate just about all of my plants.. I have gone to putting chicken wire around all my plants to have somewhat of a nice yard. He has ate my dads 4wheeler seat, ate two grill hoses, a dewalt saw cord, power cord to the radio, the buckle to his harness, tears off the eastspouts to the house, gets into the garbage, cat litter…i’m sure i could go on and hes only 16months.  

  • Suzy

    That?  Is awesome!  How could you get mad at that sweet face? :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/missyvail Missy Vail

    I currently have 8 dogs and 6 cats.. all but 3 are rescues.  We find strays and if we can’t find their owners, they end up staying with us.  We soon find out why they are probably strays to begin with.  So we keep them because I’m too afraid someone with less patience with hurt them.  They have done enough damage to my stuff I could fill an entire site just with their hijinks. 

  • Kay

    Yay for tile floors!  We rescued our two boxers from NorCal Boxer Rescue.