The Bionic Tail



This is from one *thwack* of the tail by my Great Dane, Boomer. Photos and brick-a-brack on a table or counter are constant casualties but to have to call a drywall contractor is a bit ridiculous.

Submitted by: Mike

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  • Heather Walton

    you probably could have patched it yourself. then again, being there, you have a better idea of how bad it is. wonder if it’d be possible to put his tail in a “ponytail” :0P

  • Dy-Anne!

    What do your thighs look like? Cause my dog’s tail leaves marks like on your wall but on my tail

  • Katarina

    …or the quality of that wall is crappy…

  • Kissesmomof4

     I have a 90 pound greyhound who is pure muscle. He did nearly the same thing running around the corner of a wall.

  • Amanda Bernard

    Thank goodness my dog hasn’t damaged the walls yet, but she can sure hurt your legs, and knock everything onto the ground. I swear it’s as if her tail is separate from her body, or that’s the way she acts lol

  • Boomer’s Mom

    I have a great dane named Boomer also.  My walls look like this too!  Today he ate his 100 dollar orthopedic bed.  Shredded it.. Those danes have those sad eyes..I could never be mad.

  • Lauren

    I just recently adopted a Great Dane, and she has the tail of doom! She has split it open countless times with her old owner (a friend and former co-worker of mine) and luckily hasn’t done it at my house yet. But has given my fiancee and I countless bruises and marks from whacking us with her tail.  

  • Erin

    My dearly departed Willa, a Great Dane/English Mastiff (think Great Dane on steroids) was so darn happy she beat her tail to a pulp and nothing we could do helped her heal. Instead of a traditional chair rail, we had a trail of blood through the house three feet up from the floor. After months of trips to the vets, etc., finally had to amputate half the tail. But how to keep it from getting more damaged as the stump healed? The vet put pvc pipe over the tail and attached it to her body. With that Instrument-of-Death she nearly broke my arm, caused bruises on my legs, etc. But she was just so darn happy all the time. Couldn’t get mad — just had to stay out of the way. Had her for 11 years — sweetest dog ever.