Termites? Nope. Retrievers.



Guess they need more fiber in their diet. Don’t fall for the sweet faces. They’re literally eating us out of house and home. They’ve eaten the wicker deck furniture; this week, they’ve moved on to the deck and they’re pulling up planks to munch on. Thinking of offering them out as day laborers to a tree cutting service.


Submitted by: Debra

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  • ~Missy~

    My lab Moby used to chew on wood all the time too. From a puppy in the late 90s all the way until his death earlier this year… chewed EVERYTHING. (When he wasn’t busy digging holes, that is.) I found it was way easier just to accept it & go with the flow. I got some firewood logs and made a stack in the backyard so he was able to pull a log off the stack & chew at his leisure. Whatever wood he didn’t destroy, we got to use for campfires. So just FYI… firewood might be cheaper in the long run than a new deck & home repairs. 😉 Hope this helps. ~M.E.

  • Doggish

    Woodchipper: Big pieces go in, small pieces come out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SumnerRain Heather Ross

    Ah yes, my retriever was a woodchuck too. She used to chew on the house, pull down planks from the fence & chew it, 4×4’s on my deck. And this was AFTER the puppy stage, she was 6!

  • http://twitter.com/SoccerMama777 Dy-Anne!

     Must be a Lab thing cause my Lab/Weimaraner does the same thing.  Dog ate the fence at our old house and at this house he has eaten the bushes.  Oh and he also eats bricks.  But throws up his dog food.

  • Anonymous

    But did he eat your homework?

  • http://twitter.com/unc_docschick Sandra Wills

    I know your pain. I have a lab and a plott hound. The plott hound could be part of your tree removal service (branches, no prob, lemme jump up 6+ feet into the air and grab them right off the tree; stump removal and grinding as well). She’s eaten most of the spindles for the deck and screened porch, eaten her way between floor planks, molding from around the doors, eaten 2 large plastic planters, a box of rose food, and god knows what else that I’ve blocked for the moment.

    I love the idea of firewood for them to chew on. Thanks ~Missy~ :-)

  • http://profiles.google.com/abreakenridge Amanda Bernard

    Ah!! Okay now every time I get upset with my dog (who is a Lab/Retriever mix) I will just look at this picture and remind myself of how much worse it could be. Thank gawd the only thing’s she has chewed has been shoes and kid’s toys.

  • Angcards

    But they are SO CUTE!  Look at those little faces!  Just want to eat ’em up!

  • Keeneye

    Take the dogs on a long walk to to your butcher and get some large smoked cow femur bones… trust me, the dogs will spend DAYS chewing on those tasty thing, since they’re MUCH better tasting than wood!