Jean Stretcher

Pepe in my jeans

Pepe in my jeans

Ever think you need the legs of your jeans stretched? If so, just call me and Pepe will stretch them for you. I am not sure why he enjoys climbing through our jeans, but it is quite disturbing, especially when he does it to my husband’s. Why would you want to climb in a pair of jeans that someone has sweated in at work all day? Gotta love pets!

Submitted by: Sarah

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  • Kay

    We have two cats that love to crawl in our pants ….when we are wearing them. I’m thinking our smell that attracts them. SO to us, it’s stink, but to them, it’s a scent that brings them comfort.

  • Karebu

    At least your cat waits until they are empty…Cynder wants to wear my jeans with me still in them!