Pug Panties

ozzy crossdressing

ozzy crossdressing

Apparently my male pug is a cross dresser, im not sure how he got these on, but it ruined my pride that he looked better in my thong than I do.

The 2nd picture, I came home to trash strewn all of the house and a bag of corn puffs with legs frantically trying to hide but not knowing how to find that hiding place and running into walls…

The 3rd pic, begging for forgiveness after knocking over a can of paint in the kitchen, notice the white whisker.

little monster


Submitted by: Lisa

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  • Jmd91680

    my mom’s friend lost a dog that suffocated in a bag of cheetoes that he got into when they weren’t home :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/missyvail Missy Vail

    My Puggle is mischievous too. She looks exactly like yours cept she has a straight tail and has some stray brown hairs here and there, but you can’t see them unless you are looking for them.  She gets into EVERYTHING… we figured out this is probably why she was a stray… she is also a fence jumper too.  But… she is oh so loveable and has brought us much more joy than any frustration with all her little quirks. 

  • Keeneye

    My pug EATS my panties, lol