After Lunch Nap



At this point my bedding as so many chewed holes that it’s purpose as a covering for warmth is seriously in question. So imagine my surprise (or lack there of) to walk into my bedroom to find my beloved Shiba Inu Maddox taking a snooze after having apparently taken yet another bite out of my maligned comforter. Lately he’s taken to sleeping under the bed, so I’m just waiting for the day he decides to take a big bite out of the bed’s base. For now he just uses it as an extremely awkward pillow.

Sorry the pics look funny, I took them on an Iphone app.

He’s a terror but we love him dearly.


Submitted by: David

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  • Kay

    He has a gorgeous face.

  • Amanda Bernard

    What a handsome dog! I can see he has the same mischievous glint in his eyes that my girl has. My dear husband thinks it’s funny to play with her on the bed, teasing her with his hand under the sheet. Except now there are little holes in my sheets from where she bit into them….

  • Missy Vail

    My Puggle tore the stuffing out of one of our comforters.  Her and my pom/chi were happily playing in the stuffing when I returned to my bedroom.  We now buy her the stuffingless toys.. cause she rips them to shreds too. 

  • guest

    it should be illegal how cute this doggie is