Claws Like Knives



The result of daily contact between my cat Fenya and our sofas. (Apologies for the Google translate, I do not know English:)



Submitted by: Lenzzz

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  • MyMiniMonk

    Beautiful kitty!  Sorry about your sofa!  And your English came out well with the translator.  

  • Jenni Reyes

    I know the feeling, mine have the couch cave and the edges!

  • Jaynevalentine12

    The kitty looks so innocent!

  • Okidoll821

    Your English is very good with the translator. I have resigned myself to never have a piece of furniture without some sort of damage from one of my four cats.

  • CatHerder54

    dont feel bad…hubby and i have been through 8 sofas in 30 years with our cats…we are having a new one delivered tomorrow..the first one ever that is expensive..i dont know what we were thinking.  i tried to have a talk with them…now they have that glazed look in their eyes…and are getting their claws ready :-(

  • Lucy_Desi

    Gorgeous cat! Sorry about the couch, though.