Farmers Market Day



This was the day that we learned that our newly adopted boxer could push her way out of her crate if we only locked the first lock. A dozen ears of corn fresh from the farmers’ market and this is what we came home to. (Really, it’s pretty impressive considering she only has one tooth on top.)

Submitted by: Sarah

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  • Margie

    LOL. Bad Dog! Probably looking very innocent in the corner im sure.

  • Cleo

    OMG – that is really dangerous, I hope she didn’t get an obstruction! I know of several dogs that have died from getting a chunk of cob stuck in their intestines. They don’t show up on x-rays so people may not realize until it’s too late. 

  • Mabella

    Haha only one tooth!!! Very impressive. She gnawed the hell outta that corn!!

  • Amanda Bernard

    Oh I don’t want to know about what came out the other end lol