Birthday Cake!



We left the cake to cool for a few minutes and thought it was well out of reach. We came back 10 minutes later to find the choo choo cake for my son’s second birthday destroyed! Good thing we started early and had time to make another one.


Submitted by: Anna

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  • Karen

    Oh Daisy. Bad dog!

  • Mary Gladfelter Shamburg

    I feel for you.  A few years ago, I made pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.  My Airedale, Tess, ate the front halves of both pies.  Needless to say, yard cleanup the next day was kinda gross.

  • L.Christy

    That’s some impressive cake decorating skills you got there!

  • ArmyDad

    Several birthday cakes have fallen victim to our dog.  The worst was 30 minutes before the party and my wife was deployed to Iraq. I had a hysterical 7 year old who was sad enough that mom wasn’t going to be there.  I went to bakery and, of course, no cakes with pink icing!  I begged the bakery lady who took pity on me, stopped what she was doing, completely decorated a new cake and saved the day. 

    • Missy Vail

      That is awesome (of the baking lady).  Been there before myself. 

      ***Also thank you to your wife for her service.. my kid is now in his AIT (Army) training at Fort Sam Houston.  I’m also a former Navy Brat myself.

  • Stop Whoring Moron

    And we care about the finished cake because…? Oh that’s right, we don’t. It’s not impressive. Stop being an attention whore.

    • Hetairai

      Someone’s jealous.