What Used to Be My Bedroom Door

Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 1.39.10 PM

Hope is my little 3-legged 22 pound Bulldog / Termite.

I had to remove the door after this… Mind you, she wasnt chewing on it because she was locked IN the bedroom, she would chew on it when it was OPEN!!!

Submitted by: Heather Stinson

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=777940829 Traci Banfield-Davies

    I’m sorry to giggle at this but ahh, what can ya do but love them?  My Shar Pei used to have separation anxiety and would tear my house up if I left.  She chewed a hole straight through my wall near the front door and all the way to the outside siding.  She just wanted to be with her mama.  She also broke a storm window out, busted every screen in the house, tore down the trim around doors and chewed under the window to try and escape that way.  Most said to get rid of her but it wasn’t her fault she had these issues.  She was abused and used for fighting before she came to my house so the destruction to my property was fine with me because I knew she was just scared that I would leave her.

    • Fastfem24

      Traci, I give you so much credit and it also puts much more joy in my heart to know there are people like you!.. I love my animals too and am happy to have my anxious crazy pup myself.. I hate leaving my little guy..

  • Frogdogmom

    OMG, too cute!! (well she is, not so much the beavered door…LOL)

  • Jbirdbombs

    Gotta love a more special animal with extra needs. They might act out in destructive ways, and it can be costly on that forever home, but somebody GREAT with a huge heart has to love them. LOlololol. She is a beautiful little termite.

  • Holllie

    when looking at the pic of the door i thought dang i would be upset, then i scrollled down and seen that sweet little face, it made me smile :)  

  • http://profiles.google.com/abreakenridge Amanda Bernard

    Wow. She must be part beaver. I thought my dog was destructive, but thankfully she’s never chewed on the house lol. My goodness your dog is so cute though!

  • Jellybeans

    Ok, I’m going to go ahead and point this out– Unless I’m crazy, your door was ravaged by a 3-legged dog??

    I am so impressed.

  • Kelly

    ooohhh how cute can one pup be???  Such sweet little face.  Doors can be replaced by one trip to the store but the love i see in that face is irreplaceable!

  • U R Retarded

    And you were where exactly when this happened? Don’t even try that I stepped out for 10 minutes bs either.

    • Heather

      I was on the moon you idiot.  Why are you even on this site.  Nice name.