Dachshunds vs. House



We decided to barricade their crate in the kitchen and block the opening. 8hrs later we came home to this. 20lbs bag of dog food destroyed, a bag of rabbit hay detroyed plus other items. Thanks pups!



Submitted by: Bailey

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  • http://www.facebook.com/brennie2 Brenda Erickson

    OMG that is just so precious!!!  They are so SORRY!!!

  • Margie

    I had two Pekie puppies at the same time and I called them my two-man destructo team

  • Cfeaman

    What a great post!  Dachshunds are notorious for this, my three were nuts when they were puppies too.  Just a quick warning- be careful with the adorable bunny.  Dachsies have really strong small animal instincts.  One of mine was raised with a quinea pig but one day he was accidentaly killed by our dachsie when the dachsie broke into the guinea pigs cage!  It was just like your hutch.  Keep your bunny safe, don’t keep the two near the bunny expecially when you are gone.  Dachsies are wonderful dogs and so much fun.  Hope you enjoy raising your little dapple wienies!

    • Bailey

      we introduced our rabbit to the pups when they were very young.  They have never been rough with him and the three get along great.  However, it’s always supervised.  We’ve even caught the three of the them cuddling together! it’s very cute :)  The rabbit even chases them around when they’re playing.
      ps. that picture of our house was taken about a year ago, so the dog/rabbit relationship isn’t anything new

      • Cfeaman

        Thanks for the response!  So glad bunny is safe.  It was a difficult tragedy for our family so I wanted to spare anyone else the heartache.  Your dachsies are really adorable!

      • You Are A Freakin Moron

        Always supervised yet you “caught” them cuddling? Implying you walked in on them while the were.

        Do you know what supervised evens means?

    • waterblues

      Um, that thing did not accidentally kill your guinea pig. It killed it ON PURPOSE. Those wiener weasels are the worst things on the planet. Where you came up with they are wonderful is anyone’s guess.

  • Jjcarlton

    That is too funny!  Especially the picture of the Dachshunds!!!  Guilty!

  • Bsbelindasue

    What did they do the other 7 hours?

  • prettyINink

    It’s hard to be mad when they are that damn cute!

  • Wereallmadhere9

    Perhaps you shouldn’t crate them for 8 hours, that’s waaaay too long. 

    • Harley

      Not everyone can go home on lunch or on break from work in order to let the dogs out. I have my dog in a metal crate for no more than 2 hours (the boyfriend leaves for work at 3:30 and I get home at 5:30) but he managed to BEND the bottom of the metal crate and also destroyed the carpet in the hallway in my apartment. I now have a 4 X 3 section of bare wood floors thanks to Destructo Dog.

  • Julielewis5

    Holy Houdini’s!!!!  They are so stinkin’ cute – how could  you ever punish those adorable little faces?

  • guest

    oh. my. god. they are adorable, but something about the price of dog food these days just makes cringe at this. i would be too angry with them!

  • C.R.

    Aww!!  They look like my lily and claire.  As they get older, they just get more stubborn.  We had to gate the stairs because Lily likes to go upstairs when she’s mad and pee on the carpet.  

  • Anonymous

    Awww, that’s just too cute.  They are adorable.  Trouble, but adorable.  We have a Doxie but it’s our Dalmatian that is the destructor~! 

  • Dee

    You can count on us mom!!! LOL!! They are ADORRRRRRABLE!!!!

  • Nancynurse454

    Dogs will be dogs…they look so innocent.

  • Partyplanit

    I’m sorry, but what do you expect when you leave dogs alone for so long? You shouldn’t have a dog if you can’t care for them properly. I would never leave my dog for more than 4 hours let alone 8! What would you do if you were baracaded in a room for an entire day? I’d be pretty bored too!

  • waterblues

    Dachshunds are absolute SHIT. They are shit all their lives. Nasty, disgusting, foul, stupid, untrainable little fuckwits.