Not even ashamed of herself



Amilia, my one year old wiemaraner, has caused at least $2500 dollars of damage since I got her at 8 weeks old. she’s ripped up carpeting, linolium, chewed molding, and torn holes through drywall. I’m on my ninth remote control, third comforter, secound couch, and can’t keep a pair of sunglasses for longer than a week. Not to mention at least three trips to the vet to check for bowel obstructions. She can open crates and jump baby gates, there is no stopping her. This was done while i was in the shower. The damage has slowed down some as she’s gotten older, mostly paper towel rolls amd mail left in her reach.

Submitted by: Jamie

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  • Itsy102

    Really? A crate would have only cost you $90. And you’d have a happier, more well adjusted, less obviously anxious and neurotic dog who needs a job. Poor dog. 

    • Raven Oak

      While I agree, the poster said she can open crates so I think crates are out. Now obedience training and more play/activity might be in order.

      • cracker444

        a few locking carabiners on the door and around the crate can solve the issue

  • guest

    it has nothing to do with crates.  she’s a Weimaraner.  they’re all nuts.

  • Ashley Martin

    Yikes! Have you tried putting a little lock at the top and bottom of the crate door when you go out? 

    • Anonnymoose

      You don’t even need locks to stop an escape artist. I used a couple of small/cheap carabiners to keep my escape artist dog (35kg Border Collie/German Shep cross) in his metal travel crate at night.

      This was after discovering that he could open the laundry door (where he slept) and the door to any other room in the house.

      The carabiners were cheaper than changing all the door handles from lever types to round door knobs.

      • Debra Boland

        That’s what we use on our crate. Works wonders! Use as many as needed. We found that we have to use at least two.

  • Kas

    run her she wont do that then

  • DeAnn

    I think your Weimaraner must be related to Axel he is 1 year now too and loves to eat off the counter and bring you all kinds of goodies you didn’t know you were missing.  His favorite is to leave the coffee next to the treadmill :) He is a great dog and we love him!  According to the vet they are puppies until they are 2 lol Did you get her in Manteca Ca by chance? 

  • guest

    sometimes it’s best to just cut your losses, or spend that $2500 on a good trainer.

  • oh2enliten

    I think you are the one that needs help

  • Erin

    There is no way she could open the crate I have for our dog.   But even if she could, a couple carabiners would solve that problem.   Not to mention probably save your dog’s life.   And I agree with the poster who said Weims are all nuts.

  • karen

    put a barrel clasp on that crate gate.  She’ll not get out!

  • Kiabeicon

    You know you can have her trained… training will cost around $1,000 and she won’t do that ever again…

  • guest

    Weimaraners will eat through anything.  They do NOT like to be alone.  I had one that ate through her metal crate and a door because she was alone.  And they howl like crazy when alone as well.  They are just not breeds that can be in a home without a mate or owner.