“I might be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it”

Tyson baaaaaaaaad

Tyson baaaaaaaaad

Tyson is mine and my boyfriends first puppy, aside from our 2 year old black lab Charlie. Tyson is a 4 month old Boxer…this picture happened after we unloaded from a weekend of camping…I guess we didn’t realize how tall he actually was, that he could get a bag of chips, box of donuts, a 2 liter of coke and about 6 raw potatoes….
The other is when he found the toilet paper and the third is his big brother Charlie who we thought was misbehaved…until we got Tyson =)

tyson baad

char n ty

Submitted by: SHANNON NYE

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  • Shay

    These are my babies <3 Love them!

  • Parlebienfrancais

    Boxers!!!  They are fantastic, but they destroy everything as puppies!  Ours ate a giant hole in our sofa when he was a pup!  But he’s the best dog ever. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Too bad he didn’t get the Michigan blanket!  Someone gave my wife a similar blanket four years ago.  I use it for all our fosters in hopes that one day we’ll get that mischievious little pup that wants to destroy it.  Guess we need to foster Boxers.