Lethal Beagle



We’re lucky Cerberus does his business outside and not in the house. Unfortunately, our lawn can’t handle his toxic pee evidenced in the desolate yellow patches of grass. Hopefully our laser barrier (which is green rope, haha) will keep the lawn assassin from turning it into a spotted field of death.

Submitted by: Lisa Christine

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  • Christina W

    a dog I had growing up used to do that after eating grapes. I know now that they aren’t supposed to eat them, but he LOVED them, and the only problem was the toxic pee.

    • L.Christy

      Grapes are absolutely not part of his diet yet he is still full of venom. Our grass is 80% dead now but we managed to give him an alternative to our grass. Much love Christina!

      • Wereallmadhere9

        Just out of curiosity, what do you feed him? I understand that sometimes changing to a different/better food helps with the “toxic” urine, because of waste being carried out through it. 

        • L.Christy

          Blue Buffalo Grain Free. We heard there is a liquid you can put in their water that will keep their urine from being toxic, so that’s our next step.

  • Anonymous

    Queue the Petra song Mine Field, from their album On Fire.

  • Yousuck

    Ya blocked him from peeing in the grass? I hope you walk him, if not I hope he pees in your  bed!

    • L.Christy

      Yes! We walk/jog twice a day and he is house trained so he knows not to relieve himself anywhere in the house. Since the time this image was submitted he has grown accustomed to our fake astro turf patch. Thanks for your input Yousuck, I agree that walking is a significant part of his well being! Cheers!

  • Kimberly Engelhardt

    Our dog did that, too, but my parents’ dog actually improved the appearance of our lawn.

  • ke

    A bit of vinnegar in the water should help that!

  • Thehaybale

    Product called Dog Rocks will cure him of that :-)

  • Trixmckinstray

    hey there, my Mum has a bitch that turned her lawn rather patchy…you can get special stones that you place in their water bowl that will help prevent toxic pee…..

  • Wilcin8917

    if you don’t know if your dogs urine is too alkaline or too acidic, simply watering area within 8 hrs of deposit will dilutepee spot..no more burning lawn..I use about 3 cups per spot for 85 lb Lab

  • Vanessa

    Supposedly you can add tomato juice to their water and it neutralizes their urine. urine is actually GREAT for lawn/compost as it’s nitrogen, but it has to be watered down. I’ve heard really good results from the tomato juice, but you might want to research it first.

  • DresdenWolf

    Normally females have the toxic pee, adding a small can of tomatojuice (we put it on the feed) does actually stop them from burning your lawn