My Dog, the Bottomless Pit

Luna XRay 6-29-2011

Luna XRay 6-29-2011

7 lug nuts, a sharp rock, and $5000 later, our puppy is as good (and mischievous) as new. In fact, as I was typing that first sentence, I caught her trying to eat my passport.

Submitted by: Cicely

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  • Wolfie

    O.  M.  G.  Puppy needs some chews!!

  • Amanda Bernard

    $5000?? AH! I wouldn’t even know how to get that kind of money. Hope she is more choosy about what she eats in the future!

  • Ekral

    Thats a nice X-Ray!

  • Carlisa Dawn Smith


  • JB

    lmao – It is amazing what puppies survive through. It’s like having an additional 2 year old, except with even less regard as to what goes down the chute. At least they’re cute.

  • Erin

    One word:  crate.

  • clksh

    More like “Pets that Shit Ruined.” 

  • Carmen Lailhacar Pucillo

    I feel your pain…. my rottie (who is no longer with us) swallowed a stuffed animal with batteries in it which corroded his intestines and almost killed him. He needed surgery for that.  Then he lost so much weight because of this, that when he started to put it back on, he developed an umbilical hernia which had to be operated.  Fast forward a year later, he got pissed at my husband for ignoring him during a Yankee game so he swallowed a WHOLE tennis ball.  I have that x-ray too!  Surgery again….

  • Beth Ann Monroe

    That would be one less dog in the world if I was faced with a bill like that!

  • guesto

    $5000???  Sorry…That puppy would’ve died. 

  • Romonov

    Puppy needs a kennel till puppy learns to NOT eat everything puppy finds!

  • Linclure2

    My friend’s Golden who ate everything is now dying of Liver Cancer probably caused by all the toxins –  watch for symptoms

  • Laura

    Good lord…That’s horrifying!

  • Angcards

    This is hysterical.

  • Ddbtr

    anyone notice the date? dog had mad munchies. 

  • kmeltzer3

    I don’t know if my sister has any x-rays but her dog has eaten a broad array of things from weight lifting gloves to tape measures to panties (only Vic’s Secret) to pantyhose.  So far, the dog has managed to pass everything ok but there have been times when my sister has wondered if she should wait it out! Guess it helps to eat soft stuff.

  • Ashnic05

    When I was growing up my parents had a dog who loved to chew any kind of wire he could find (BIG problem obviously). His favorite? My dad’s brand new boat wires he repeatedly had to replace. Dog also loved to eat gravel. He eventually grew out of it lol.

  • Charlotte

    If the puppy does eat your passport, the State Department doesn’t want it back.  Trust me. Just say you lost it.