Sofa Puppy



My Dachshund, Natalie, looks rather proud of the hole she made that allowed her to crawl inside the sofa from underneath. You could feel her moving around while you were sitting!

Submitted by: Meredith

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  • Lou240

    My wiener dog tried to dig through the transmission tunnel of my pickup… I think of her every time I see the big hole in the carpet 

  • Lsalazar

    I think burrowing is something this particular species does.  Mine dug a hole in the sofa cushion.  I will see if I can post if for you  : )

  • Ssz00

    what a face! love her…

  • Anonymous

    Replace the bottom fabric with plywood. Problem solved.
    Or 2 or more shallow boxes that slide under the sofa. Not only would that keep Puppy out, but you would also have another place to stash things.

  • Birdparker58

    We  had 2 who did that to the foundation on the bed…they’d climb in and walk around inside it….still loved them!

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