My Coffee Break



I was getting ready to go out and do laundry, and put the five dollars I was going to use to get coffee on a stand nearby. I loaded the clothes into the bag, went to get my $5, and lo and behold, it was gone! It was then that I tuned in to the sound of munching in the other room. Juliet, my one and a half year old Shih Tzu, had eaten nearly half of it!

Submitted by: Antonia

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  • Nonya

    The serial numbers are in tact. a bank MUST accept it.

  • Kate

    If you take the portion with the serial number into the bank they’ll replace it. Which doesn’t help your coffee, but gets your $5 back. (I had a puppy who loved to eat money, booger) 

  • Kristin

    You have to have both serial numbers though, no matter how badly it is chewn…. I know this because my dog chewed/ate a $50 I had laid on the counter, we could only find one.. so I have pieces of a 50 in my change pocket of my wallet hoping one day I might come across it.

  • Zelda Moon

    Oh but he’s sooooo cute!  Easy to forgive. :)  

  • A little less money

    if you have 60% of the bill, the bank will replace it. I learned through this same lesson.

  • Karahrahrah Weiser

    thats nowhere near “nearly half” more like “nearly 7%”