My Eyelid



Well, since EOG (pronounced WeeGee, say it fast, stands for “one eyed grey”) is blind in one eye, I think she wants to make me that way too.

iphonepix 010

Submitted by: Lisa

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  • Lara A.

    I had a very similar injury many years ago!  I’m not sure which hurt worse … the actual cut eyelid or the cat using my eye for a springboard as she jumped across me.  It really needed stitches, but I was too squeamish for that.  It healed in time.  I still have a scar.  Thank goodness for makeup!  :)

  • Anon

    I think the name is supposed to be “OEG,” not “EOG.” 

  • Kimberly Erin

    She looks guilty! Cute kitty and neat name.

  • Thehoverhand

    LMAO! They always say, its an eye for an eye. I guess her cat knows about that too.

  • Annasan1

    who me??   so innocent after the fact,eh?

  • Fosfor0808

    око за око.,