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$300 retainer, $90 computer chord, $400 kitchen table, wood work, countless bras and underwear, a baby gate, my white carpets (never from accidents- throwing up what she ate), my blackberry phone (oh you can reach the counter now!?), numerous pairs of shoes, two $30 lamps, one $40 heating pad, two of my favorite cds… and still counting.

The vet said she looked like a beagle mix… maybe 30 pounds. At 6 months and 70 lbs… hmm I think there might be something more to that mix, Watson.

Photo: her “beagle” bed has now become her seat cushion.

Submitted by: -Jo

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  • Novascotiapeaches

    I’d hazard a guess that there’s some great dane in there , maybe more than some :/

  • Guest

    Definitely a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix, look them up.  And I feel your pain, dogs can be a lot more expensive than they look!

  • Kalynmyers0804

    Awww!!! Little Girl <3 Too Cute!
    Sorry about your pockets though… My Pit did the same things to me when she was a puppy too. They tend to grow out of it. Good Luck! LOL

  • Jeanne says..

    Well, at least she’s cute, right?

  • Ssz00

    jajaja, love the innocent face!

  • Beth H

    precious doggy! i do feel your pain. my “mini” aussie was supposed to weigh around 30 pounds and he is pushing 60 at 1 year old. and i’ve lost numerous shoes, flip flops, prescription sunglasses, purses, and socks to the bottomless pit.

  • Alison

    My husband and I decided that the dog is saying “No, we can’t throw away this dog bed. I need it to sit on and remind you just how giant I am.”

  • Laura

    Halarious!  30 lbs?  Maybe one of her paws… Thanks for sharing!

  • SJ

    There’s definitely some sort of hound in there, and look at the size of those feet, that is not going to be a small dog! 

  • Monomunky

    looks like a black and tan coonhound to me!
     they are 65-130 lbs of nose,feet, and ahhh wooo!

  • amy

    Haha!  Definately some beagle in there, but I’m suspecting some Coon Hound in there,too.  We had a black and tan coon hound mix that essentially ate all the same things and had a similar look.  I used to come home to PILES of shredded things (including a t.v. remote and cds, literally shredded beyond recognition) until we finally got smart and put him away while we were gone.

  • Katgirlone

    Yeah shes coonhound for sure…even possibly Treeing Walker Coonhound…my daughter has one…looks almost just like her too! They get into EVERYTHING!

  • Katgirlone

    Here are some pics of my Treeing walker coonhound “grand-dog” to use as a comparison…

  • Pauler80020

    Yeah, I think you may have yourself a coonhound there. Black-and-tans and Treeing Walkers look *just like beagles* when they are babies.  And then they just don’t stop growing.  Mine loves to pull the insoles out of shoes, and has destroyed: newspapers, cardboard boxes, insulated lunch boxes (yum!), pens and pencils, new clothing left in the shopping bag, and every dog toy we have given her, among other things.  I have caught her *on* the counter like a cat, and also on the dining table.  She also drinks coffee (but only with milk), and will steal an entire stick of butter off the counter if you turn your back just long enough. But she LOVES us, every one of us, even the cat!

  • Annasan1

    Oh My Gosh!  This is too funny!  What an adventurous canine!  Note to self & others: never believe a vet saying they look like 30# -or whatever- max. Yikes!! Yep – does have a coon hound kinda look!!  I am so sorry for your loss . . .  but don’t ya just love him???  :-)

  • LiliRo

    Poor dog and poor you!  You may not have planned this, but it looks like you’ve got a high-energy high-smarts working dog on your hands.  This one needs mucho exercise and stimulation if you want to keep your stuff safe!

  • PB

    My 4 pound Chihuahua has the same bed; it is a little roomier for him!!!

  • Souxiekue

    Ha!  She’s just beautiful!  She will slow down eventually and be the perfect companion! 

  • Donnad2998

    looks like a great dane mix to me. (a great dane owner)

  • Geoffrey Holland

    hmm, teething puppy with no supervision and no toys of it’s own to chew on. And you’re surprised?

  • Karaallison

    coonhound!!!! i thought i got a blue tick coonhound but got a blue tick coon/beagle mix :)))) smaller, but no better :))))

  • Tomnba214

    That Pup looks like a Labrador Retriever with Beagle markings! No wonder he is chewing up everything! LOL!!!

  • Hilary Entley

    My kudos to you for keeping her! Most people would have either gave her back or shot her! Seriously tho, you’re an angel!

  • mary

    Aw, why a pinch collar! They make a better collar for dogs that pull! I have a 70lb chow, a 90lb English bulldog and a 110 German shepherd! Big dogs are the best! But you need to crate them when they are alone until they learn what they can and can’t have. My chow is 12 and very well behaved. She chews nothing! The bulldog and German shepherd are puppy’s both 1 year olds. They can be a bit destructive! But I don’t leave them uncrated when I am not home! They make trainer leads that work for pulling. I have always used them and I have had multiple back surgeries so I can’t have a dog pull me! They do not pull at all with the collars and harnesses they have and they don’t pinch their necks. Those collars are useless and don’t work! Good luck!