The Bulldog Throne



Our English Bulldog Jackson did not get his way when some friends of ours came over a couple weeks ago. He promptly went up stairs and decided my brand new office chair was now his. So he added some personal touches of his own to make it more comfortable.

We should have known better, this is the 3rd chair he has munched on!

Submitted by: Matt

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  • Suzyq_

    I am sorry but I had to laugh.  I have a female english bulldog and even though she has not chewed up the computer chair she has chewed the leg right off the kitchen chair. 

  • Eichstermom

    I hate to laugh too.  My dog has chewed up two desk chairs, but she kept all four paws on the ground when she did.  This is hysterical that he chewed from floor and seat level. 

  • Linda S

    Liking how he’s posing for the pic, l’ook at my handiwork’!!

  • Kristy Alexander

    I have a bully boxer mix so your proud pup really made me laugh!  My girl has a routine when she doesn’t get her way (which is staying by my side all day.  She goes into my closet and attempts to fight herself in the mirror which leads to it being knocked on the floor (she’s broken two of them).  Following her stand off with her reflection she will attempt to rip my robes off my door hanger as a last ditch effort to open the door (broken the metal hangers and ripped three robes), and finally to prove her point she’ll pee on the floor.  Been doing this for three years now!

    • Moira

      Im so lucky I have a boxer male, he is such a good boy, but he hogs the bed and thats all,  dogs you got to love them xXx 

  • Alice Ramirez

    That FACE!  How could anyone be mad at that face!  WHAT a cutie!

  • Budena

    hi! einfach super bild!
    zwar scheiße für den stuhl aber der bulldogge scheint es ja so besser zu gefallen :)))
    viele grüße